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Wilkie Collins was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer. Written in the early 1860s, No Name was rejected as immoral by critics of its time, but is today regarded as a novel of outstanding social insight, showing Collins at the height of his powers. Magdalen Vanstone and her sister Norah learn the true meaning of social stigma in Victorian England only after the traumatic discovery that their dearly loved parents, whose sudden deaths have left them orphans, were not married at the time of their birth. Disinherited by law and brutally ousted from Combe-Raven, the idyllic country estate which has been their peaceful home since childhood, the two young women are left to fend for themselves.

Артикул 651403
Штрихкод 9785521076611
ISBN 978-5-521-07661-1
Авторы Collins Wilkie
Издательство Т8
Год издания 2018
Серия The Complete Works of

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